Dictionary of Praedor

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Artante is the god of the major religion of Jaconia, also known as the God of the Kings. It is claimed that he created the world and the social order; everyone has its place in the hierarchy.
Demon Knights, The (Finnish Demoniritarit)
The Demon Knights are ancient knights, made immortal by the Wizards. Six still exist, named Caelan, Trelaus, Verna, Cadar, Aerac and Marran. The seventh one, Cesaran, was killed in the Civil War.
Forest People, The (Finnish Metsäläiset)
One of the four known "barbarian" people of Jaconia, the Forest People live mainly in the large Southern forests of Jaconia. They are loathed by almost all others and viewed as rowdy, stupid and in-bred, and completely untrustworthy.
Islanders, The (Finnish Saaristolaiset)
One of the four known "barbarian" people of Jaconia, and the smallest group of them, the Islanders live on the islands of the Inner Sea.
Mountain People, The (Finnish Vuoristolaiset)
One of the four known "barbarian" people of Jaconia, the Mountain People live on the Western and Eastern Mountains of Jaconia. Their villages are not literally on the mountains, but in the valleys in between.
Nomads, The (Finnish Paimentolaiset)
One of the four known "barbarian" people of Jaconia, the tribes of Nomads live in the Wolf Desert, the 50 kilometers wide circular desert at the border of Jaconia and Borvaria. Three tribes are especially famous: the Saramani of the North, the Varna of the East, and the Tarai of the West. Nomad Wizards are the only Wizards that are not trained at Circol. The oldest living Wizards are found among them.
Praedors are professional adventurers who venture into Borvaria. They search the cursed ruins for treasures and artifacts. They are outsiders in the society, often hated, feared - or admired. Praedors have some rights set by the First King: they are excempt from tariffs and gate tolls. However, they can't belong a Guild, own property, nor practice a profession.

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